Beauty – This Concept Is Relative

Man can beautifully look because they have beautiful elements of clothing, or because of the application of cosmetic means and plastic medicine, but at the same time internal beauty of man can completely be absent. But if man does not have internal beauty, to a sense it will be little from the external beauty. For this very reason, it is necessary to first of all care about its own internal beauty, to give to this property maximum potential and only then it is possible to conduct discussion about the beauty of external. But if beauty internal and beauty external supplement each other, in this case, effect, undoubtedly, will be highest possible.Unfortunately, today’s fashion in its most varied manifestations practically does not assume the presence of internal beauty. The main direction of policy of modern fashion – this the beauty external. As a result of with the naked eye it is noted the predominance of pseudo-beautiful people. But they in the essence, don’t is are complete the example for society. As an example it is possible to give the simplest – smoking of tobacco by women. This example clearly shows the complete absence of the beauty of internal and at the same time the predominance of the beauty of external.In spite of it would seem innocents of this fashionable tendency, smoking of tobacco by women this not only are the actual abnormality, completely incompatible with the female essence, but that most important, it is create health hazard of woman. A this fact few are aware of the women. The majorities of women as before to think, that with cigarette in the lips they are considerably more attractive. Actually, it is more attractive, but only from the outer side, and only for those, to whom this external beauty is completely it does not matter. In a result fashion overgrows into the ruinous habit, from which to refuse practically cannot be and there remains only happy died, without having lived even until the moment of passage from youth age to old age.About the beauty of male, you may not ask quite, so as is the parody on beauty, that prevails today among men. It is not even outer beauty, not to mention inner beauty. It is likely, it is the mass degradation all of the beautiful, which may be in fact in the mans and in the male body. Here are just a few pseudo-beautiful examples that are in the nature of modern male: the profanity, frequenter of the image of the prison, alcohol and drug addiction. This is only a small fraction of what, men have today in the form of outer beauty. Inner beauty in a strong half is missing completely.It is pleasant to live in the light, when beautiful people surround you. Beautiful, in the true sense of this word, but not in the form the pseudo- manifestations, behind which is hidden the void.¬†Original Source: Mary Batova

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